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The cracks in the painting almost play off of the buttons on the sofa. It is an interesting room to have this piece be displayed mainly because of the playfulness of the art and seriousness of the sofa. I like blending to two together to let everyone know that you mean business but, you have a playful side to you.


Sometimes art can compliment furniture or furniture can compliment the art. A lot of times it is a fair fight where both art and furniture blend very well. Wall color is sneaky and can sometimes help the two to get along. There are lots of people who discuss how color can overpower, blend or compliment a room.

HGTV is an awesome resource when you are looking for decorating ideas. There are endless examples that you can build from and create your own space. A lot of times they can go over the top or stay too safe but fortunately you are the judge and jury on that so you can make the decisions.


When selecting a piece of art similar to this one:

Size matters, the art must be proportionate to the room, you can't put a 64x48 above a full sized bed it will be too overpowering and look odd. Fortunately, this piece can be sized to your liking. It can be printed

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